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2020 Drumline Audition Instructions
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DLP (Winds) *Updated to End of Semester*
DLP (Percussion) *Updated to End of Semester*

DLP (Guard) *Updated to End of Semester*

Questions that have come up about scales in 60 seconds:

Do we have to play with a met? No. Some scales you may play faster/slower than others. I ask that you make sure to keep a consistent speed going up and down 1 scale. Ideally, you want to make all of your scales the same tempo.

Do we have to play the whole note at the end? No. You can either make the last note a quarter note or half note. Add a couple beats of rest and then go on to the next scale.

Do we slur down? Yes. Tongue up and slur down on all scales even though it is not written that way.

What if I can’t play a few of the scales? That is ok, just skip them for now. Don’t attempt playing scales you don’t know on your recording. Practice by isolating them, and add them to your recording sequence when you are ready.

If I mess up a scale, can I start over? Yes. You do not receive credit for a scale that you play a wrong note on, bobble, or play with inconsistent tempo on. It is best to stop and restart the scale or go to the next one.

Do we play the arpeggios after the scale? No. Only play the scales.

Questions that have come up about solos?

Do I have to play my solo with a met? Yes. The only exception is if your solo has a cadenza, then you can turn your met off for that part.

Can I play it under speed? Yes. Play each assignment at a tempo that you can play successfully at. Continue working up your tempo to get closer to the correct performance speed.

Do you need a laptop to help you with your work?

If you are needing a loaner laptop from the district to help you with your assignments, call 940-668-1510. This is the number to the AISD technology. You can call Monday-Friday, 10am-12pm. You will pick up at 415 Tisdell during those same hours. Call again when you arrive to pick up a laptop.


One Octave Major Scales – Alto Sax
One Octave Major Scales – Baritone Sax
One Octave Major Scales – Bass Clarinet
One Octave Major Scales – Bassoon
One Octave Major Scales – Clarinet in Bb
One Octave Major Scales – Euphonium
One Octave Major Scales – Flute
One Octave Major Scales – Horn in F
One Octave Major Scales – Oboe
One Octave Major Scales – Tenor Sax
One Octave Major Scales – Trombone
One Octave Major Scales – Trumpet in Bb
One Octave Major Scales – Tuba


Flute Solos
Clarinet Solos
Bass Clarinet Solos
Alto Sax Solos
Tenor Sax Solos
Bari Sax Solos

Trumpet Solos
Horn Solos
Trombone Solos
Euphonium Solos
Tuba Solos

2019-20 DLP (Band Only) Week of March 23-27

2019-20 DLP (Guard Only) Week of March 23-27

Be sure to use a metronome for EVERYTHING you practice.  Using a metronome will teach you to practice more efficiently by helping you to better coordinate air, articulation, and fingers/slides.

1. Free Online Google Metronome

2. Tonal Energy App

3. Metronome App